This ice cream challenge is no joke. Could you conquer the Waterdog Ice Cream Challenge?

If you're an ice cream lover like us, you might think an ice cream challenge would be a breeze. Do you think you could conquer the Waterdog Challenge in North Myrtle Beach?

It sounds easy… an ice cream challenge?  Yes, please!  What could be better than 7 scoops of ice cream, 5 toppings of your choice, and a waffle plate on a hot summer day?  They even let you choose your own flavors, giving insider tips along the way.  For example, make sure you don’t choose flavors with a lot to chew.  Keeping that in mind for the toppings as well.  Although this challenge is built for one person, the folks at OD Pavilion Ice Cream shop were kind enough to allow us to bend the rules a little.  Halley and Kyle came hungry, ready to defeat the challenge, and earn their t-shirts and a spot on the winners wall.  With only 5 minutes to devour this monster of a sundae, it might not be as easy as it sounds.