This park is the only place in the U.S. you can do a barrel drop on a ride

Kentucky Kingdom does crazy rides right.

Here at the Southern Weekend we always respect the classics. At our next stop we were invited to partake in one of the best American traditions: riding a huge roller coaster. If you want to pack as much into one weekend as possible, Kentucky Kingdom is the place to be.

From the 129-foot Fearfall or Deepwater Dive, one of America’s tallest body slides, there really is something here for everyone.

It is a huge park. Over 63 acres and over 70 rides and attractions. Never a line to wait in. And you’ve always got something to do.

And with so many great things to choose from, people travel from all over to visit.

One of those tourist magnets? The Storm Chaser, the only a roller coaster in the country with a barrel drop.

And it’s not just any barrel drop. It’s a drop from a 10-story hill at a 78-degree angle.

It’s family fun, all summer long. If you want to find out more about the park or plan a trip of your own, you can visit their website.

This content was created in partnership with Kentucky Kingdom.