This orchard uses their apples to make doughnuts

Apple picking and apple cider doughnuts at Sky Top Orchard

At the Sky Top Orchard, they raise about 25 different varieties of apples. While everyone knows apples like the Honeycrisp, the Fuji, and the Gala, the orchard also raises apples that don’t grow in the grocery: heirloom apples. The orchard has all sorts of apples that even date back to the time of Thomas Jefferson!

Fresh-picked apples aren’t the only thing people can take home from the orchard. Visitors can come to the Sky Top Orchard store and purchase apple cider, apple butter, apple pie, applesauce… the list goes on!

But the special product you can get nowhere else is the apple cider doughnuts. The doughnuts are made by mixing apple cider into the dough. After everything’s mixed, the doughnuts file into a conveyer belt process. The machine cooks the doughnuts for 125 seconds, flipping them halfway in so that each side can be equally cooked. The doughnuts are dumped into some cinnamon sugar to add even more flavor to every bite.

From the apple picking to the incredibly unique doughnuts, the Sky Top Orchard definitely seems to have all things apple covered. Be sure to check out their orchard to enjoy all kinds of activities related to America’s favorite fruit!