The honor system has kept this local institution in business for 23 years and counting

This seaside bar and grill does things a little differently when it comes time to pay the bill.

Provision Company in Holden Beach, NC has quite the reputation. You’re going to get great food, a comfortable atmosphere… and you may also walk away with your faith in humanity just a little bit restored.

Why? Well, the folks at Provision Company (Provisions, to the locals) have an interesting approach when it comes to their customers paying the bill. They want you to feel like you’re in you’re own house, with the ability to get up and grab a cold one, so they operate on the honor system.

“The way it works when you come into Provision Company is, you place your order at the counter, you walk over grab your beer or wine, we mark it on a tally sheet, and you come outside, sit down and have a good time.”

That’s right. They let people handle it themselves.

“… We feel like there’s not enough trust in the world anymore, and we feel like if you give people the opportunity to be honest, they’re gonna be honest, and it’s worked out for 23 years.”

What a testament to old fashioned southern hospitality and good people! Even these guys have their limits, though.

“No liquor on the honor system, as much as we love everybody…”

We get it, guys. We get it.