The Ghost of Old Gunn Church

Legend says ‘Old Gunn’ church is haunted by one of the men who helped build it.

Old Gunn Church, officially known as Prince Fredrick’s Chapel, was set to be one of the grandest churches of its time. The early 1800’s were a prosperous time for those who called Prince Fredrick Parish home. With rice, tobacco, cotton and indigo all in high demand the area and its people grew and flourished. With all the new growth and wealth a new house of worship was required.

Construction of the Gothic style Chapel began in 1859 with cornerstone being laid. The church was to be decorated and furnished with luxurious and expensive items from Europe. But then with the church nearing completion the Civil War began. The items for the church never arrived and the attendance dwindled due to most of the men in the area going off to fight. Work on the church continued but at a slower pace.

Legend has it that sometime in the early 1860’s the contractor of the project, Mr. Gunn, fell from the church roof and died. Now his spirit haunts the grounds. It’s said that his ghost can be seen in the bell tower.

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