Mr. Fish shows us how to take the work out of Christmas dinner (How to with Halley)

Mr. Fish joins us on How to with Halley for an easy way to prepare your fresh seafood.

When it comes to the Holidays, preparing food for all occasions can take a lot of work.  Mr. Fish joined us on How to with Halley to show us how to take the work out of it.  For instance, if your seafood is fresh enough, you might not even feel the need to season it.  Mr. Fish always has fresh local seafood on hand.  We even tried fresh clams and oysters.

If you choose not to lift a finger this year, however, you can always stop into the Mr. Fish Seafood Market and they’ll even do it for you.

Join us as we get into the Holiday spirit and share how you can make seafood apart of your tradition.

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