You shouldn’t fear the dead at Lowther’s Hill Cemetery, you should fear the living

Also known as Montrose, we visited Lowther's Hill Cemetery in an effort to follow up on a local ghost story. What we discovered was far more tragic...

The legend of “Montrose” at Lowther’s Hill Cemetery in Darlington, South Carolina dates all the way back to the 1950’s.

It’s the tall tale of an 8 foot Haint that haunts the cemetery. For decades, folks have traveled up the long dirt driveway covered in trees, in an effort to see the figure themselves.  We headed to the Pee Dee to see for ourselves, and what we discovered was far more tragic than any legend.

We caught up with Brian Gandy of the Darlington Historical Commission to hear all about what has happened to what was once a beautiful resting place for those that have passed on.  Gandy says, “You don’t have to fear the dead at Lowther’s Hill Cemetery.  What you should fear are the living.”

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