How to eat Blue Crab without wasting meat

Even the most experienced seafood connoisseur might be stumped when it comes to eating blue crab. Mr. Fish shows us how it's done!

Mr. Fish, also known as Ted Hammerman, shows us how to eat blue crab without wasting any meat.

It might be intimidating when an entire crab comes out.  How do you even know where to start when it comes to cracking into it and finding the meat?  There’s a crabby process that makes it a whole lot easier.  Mr. Fish shares his formula with us.  He also says eating blue crab is a labor of love.  You’ll want to share it with friends and family and have adequate time to spend.  It’s definitely not an in and out meal.  So what tools will you need?  Well, your thumbs are your best friend when it comes to eating blue crab.  You’ll also need a hammer and a knife.  Get your tools ready, break out the butter, and let’s get crackin’!

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