Find out how Benjamin’s Bakery provides the freshest cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted

For the freshest cup of Joe around, you'll want to check out Benjamin's Bakery in Surfside Beach, South Carolina!

Most people can’t live without their coffee, but have you ever stopped to think about how it makes its way to your cup?  Benjamin’s Bakery now roasts their own coffee and the process is pretty amazing.  Celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year, Benjamin’s Bakery keeps things as fresh as possible.  From fresh baked bread to pastries and bagels.  They even make their own cream cheese and hummus, and boy is it delicious!  Owner and operator, Lee Zulanch says he saw a need for fresh coffee, so he took it upon himself to be able to provide that by roasting his own.

Zulanch says once coffee is roasted, it should be used in a matter of days.  Once it’s ground, it should be used within minutes and that’s just what they do.  They even invited us back where the magic happenas and showed us the entire process.  Come along with us to see how coffee transforms from a green bean that smells like grass, into the powerful smelling coffee bean we all know and love.  You can really taste the difference!

It’s clear that the folks at Benjamin’s Bakery have a passion for people and delivering the best possible product.  Even if you haven’t visited Benjamin’s Bakery in Surfside, chances are you’ve at least tasted some of what they have to offer.  They provide fresh baked bread for numerous restaurants throughout the Grand Strand.  Stop on in for yourself.  Believe us, your taste buds will thank you!

For more info, you can visit their website here.