DIY Gift Ornament (How to with Halley)

This DIY Gift Ornament is filled with hot cocoa, sugar, and sprinkles! Plus, it's so fun and easy to make yourself.

I always say, a gift you make is a gift from the heart.  Every year, my Grandma Farlow made our Christmas gifts with love.  As a matter of fact, she made porcelain dolls.  She was so talented.  You don’t have to be that talented to make a How to with Halley project, however.  It’s easy enough for anyone to make.  This DIY Gift Ornament will even be a fun project to make with the kids.  Plus, the entire gift costs less than $5!

You’ll need:

  • A clear ornament
  • festive coffee mug to pair it with
  • sprinkles
  • hot cocoa mix
  • sugar
  • funnel

Follow the video for simple instruction and get creative with yours!  It’s kind of like an edible version of sand art. Yummmm!

Merry Christmas!


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