Ninja Warrior fans, this new gym is for you. Check out Beast Ninja!

This new gym in Myrtle Beach offers a full gym as well as a Beast Ninja obstacle course!

There’s a new gym in town.  Beast Ninja in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina offers a full gym as well as an obstacle course with around 30 obstacles.  We had to see what it was all about!  Let’s just say, it’s no joke, but still plenty of fun!

Owner Katie Capitano says the obstacle course is perfect for gaining strength and making you feel like a kid again.  Speaking of kids,  Beast Ninja offers a youth program where children learn respect and that exercise can be fun.

If you want to step outside your normal routine, check out Beast Ninja.  We had a blast and definitely can’t wait to go back!  One thing is for sure, it definitely offers a good workout and you’re having too much fun to notice.

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