3 Great Ways to Explore Art in the South

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is a great spot for art in the South.

Art in the South may not get the credit it deserves. The beauty and creativity on display throughout this part of the country can be absolutely breath-taking. Here are some ideas on how to experience the Southern art scene for yourself..

“Fine Art” is generally defined by paintings and sculptures and things of that sort. And it’s hard to find a better example of art in the traditional sense than the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Take a tour with us.

Everyone finds different beauty in varying places, and in some cases, the discovery of art can come from unusual sources. A collection of strange and historic pieces in Abita Springs, Louisiana fits that bill.

Some work in oils or clay. Others gravitate to non-traditional media to express themselves. Listen to the story of a master of … chocolate?

Continue your journey with us as we experience Art in the South.