10 things NOT to do on Valentine’s Day

Expert Floral Designer and Sweet T Owner Tina Enyart Gives Lovers Much Needed Advice

Source: Sweet T Flowers

 As Valentine’s Day approaches, lovers across the world will get advice on what TO DO on Valentine’s Day. Expert Floral Designer Tina Enyart, owner of regionally renowned Sweet T, voted Charlotte’s Best Florist, offers a uniquely-qualified perspective on what NOT TO DO. Her Top Ten Loservilles are below and procrastinators pay attention and heed these words: “Don’t half-heart the holiday.”

10) CHEAP WINE – “MD2020 and Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill are not prescriptions for Valentine’s Day,” said Enyart. “We know you bought it at the gas station as you were getting your beer.”

Recommendation:“Repeat a special occasion drink with something specific as a Peach Martini.”

9) TEDDY BEARS – “We’re grown women, when was the last time you saw a grown woman holding a teddy bear?” asked Enyart. “It’s borderline demeaning. What part of the décor in my home suggests the need for a stuffed animal?”

Recommendation:“I got nuthin. If you’re buying teddy bears for Valentine’s, you probably don’t have a partner.”

8) BALLOONS –“This is under the same umbrella as teddy bears. Seriously, what am I going to do with a mylar collection of balloons? They are not fun, they are meant for children and do absolutely nothing to trigger the libido.”

Recommendation:“I got nuthin again. There is no lateral move for balloons. Valentine’s Day is not a kid’s birthday party.”

7) FOUR FOOT CARDS –“Just WOW. First, you went to Dollar Tree and second, what do you do with a four-foot card. It’s an easy out and you’ll find it in the firepit as you sleep on the couch. On the upside, it does make for good kindling.”

Recommendation:“Write a sweet note on a napkin or a receipt, it’s what we want.”

6) PHARMACY CHOCOLATE –“If your chocolate needs a map or an identifier in a heart-shaped box, you’re dead in the water. I’m not playing ‘Where’s Waldo’ with truffles for Heaven’s sake. Whitman’s is not my idea of delicious.”

Recommendation:“Something decadent, gourmet like strawberries dipped in chocolate or mouth-watering truffles. You don’t need a map for the good stuff.”

5) HEART JEWELRY –“Out. If you went to Jarod’s, your next stop is the dog house. We don’t wear it or want it. If our eyes aren’t rolling, they want to be.”

Recommendation:“Look for something hand-made with a meaning. Boutique shops are the best for that.”

4) HOMEMADE COUPON BOOKS –“Um, absolutely not. It was cute when my children were 5. If I need a coupon to get a foot massage or help with the dishes, I’m with the wrong person.”

Recommendation:“For a day, show me the money as well as the love. You should be doing that coupon stuff every day. A coupon for a massage or help with the laundry? Are you kidding me?”

3) ROMANTIC DINNER AT HOME –“We see right through this. The motive is keeping us closer to the bedroom and then we end cleaning the dishes while you sleep.”

Recommendation:“We want to dress up and go out; don’t cook at home or take me to a sports bar. This is my day, dang it. Treat me like the special person you fell in love with.”

2) DOZEN RED ROSES:“Save those for grandma. It’s completely overdone and another easy out. They might as well be on an assembly line.”

Recommendation:“Floral designers love the words ‘Designer’s Choice.’ We get giddy and love to create.  “A mixed bouquet is so much more meaningful, unique, and heartfelt.”

1)    DON’T HALF-HEART THE HOLIDAY – “Let me be clear with the obvious: Valentine’s Day is not a surprise. You’ve had a year to plan for this. Don’t blow it. Show us you love us! Suck it up buttercup, Valentine’s Day stuff hit the stores the day after Christmas. If you tell me it snuck up on you, I may sneak out on you for a night out with friends.”

Enyart says it really comes down to some basics to win a person over: “Be thoughtful and thorough, we give you signs all the time. Pay attention, we notice effort. You can be a Neanderthal or a bear with furniture for the rest of the year but when we give you clues and fodder for ideas, get it right. Pull through one day of the year is all we’re asking. You’ll be glad you did.”

Source: Sweet T Flowers

Sweet T recently rebranded in order to expand its business to include select retail rarities, workshops and events. It has relocated to The Mill, located in a turn-of-the-19thcentury Cotton Mill in Waxhaw, North Carolina and is the development’s first retail establishment.  Sweet T is located next to Emmet’s Social Table, which opened in 2018 to much acclaim and outstanding reviews.

Sweet T, whose shop hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday – Saturday, is located at 401 E South Main Street, section 126A in Waxhaw, North Carolina, 28173.  Sweet T delivers nationwide.

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