Waccamaw Market Cooperative Farmer’s Market: Hear some of the stories behind the vendors

Hear from vendors at the Waccamaw Market Cooperative Farmer's Markets. Not only do they have interesting items for sale, they've got interesting stories, too!

You can’t beat fresh produce and locally made goods and crafts.  You’ll find plenty of that and more at the Waccamaw Market Cooperative Farmer’s Market. You’ll find them from Georgetown to North Myrtle Beach, and everywhere in between.  We stopped in at the North Myrtle Beach market on a sunny day and found even more than we expected.  From locally grown produce to Elderberry Syrup, natural tea, local honey, sweet treats, and even bath soaps.

Upon speaking to some of the vendors we quickly learned that they had way more to offer than just interesting items for purchase.  Each of them had their own unique story.  We had the chance to highlight a couple of them, including Jammy Girl, Mountain Man, and Hippienut!  Come along with us and see how they got to where they are.

When you’re ready to bring home some unique treasures of your own, and meet the smiling faces of the Waccamaw Farmer’s Market, check out the schedule below!

Source: Waccamaw Market Cooperative/Facebook

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