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Cat Lovers: Urban Outfitters is now Selling Hats for your Cat!

Urban Outfitters to the rescue! The retailer just announced they are now selling hats for your cat to wear! How cute!

From the price point of $8 to $10, you’ll be able to choose between five different hats! These hats are specifically designed to fit your cat’s head. They will transform your fur baby into a completely different animal!

There’s a fish, a penguin, a bear and a bunny rabbit hat! There’s also a fruit hat that your fur baby can wear!

These hats are adorable and will make for the best Instagram photo! (Hashtag) #CatOfTheDay

Although your cat may hate wearing these hats, you’re guaranteed to love your cat wearing them! You can purchase the hats on the Urban Outfitters website! Click HERE.

How Cat-tastic!?

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