Unique date ideas along the Grand Strand

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it!  If you really want that special someone to be your Valentine, you’ll earn some brownie points with a unique date idea.  We’ve compiled a list of some of the most unique things to do along the Grand Strand that would also be super romantic to share with that special someone.

1.) Swim with the Stingrays.  Ok, at first glance, this adventure can sound a little intimidating.  The good news?  This encounter is completely safe and oh so fun!  There’s no need to be scared to try it.  Ripley’s Aquarium routinely trims their barbs so you have nothing to worry about.  Plus, if you can stand the stingrays stealing some of your sweeties kisses, they’ll be glad to!  An added bonus?  Legend says kissing a stingray will bring you 7 years of good luck.  Plus, they’ll capture the moment for you and take pictures the entire time. For more info, click here.

2.) Ride Horses on the Beach. I mean, this just screams romance!  Who wouldn’t love to ride horses on the beach with their special someone?  Plus, visiting Inlet Point Plantations is a treat in itself. Visit this page to learn more.
3.) Make Pottery Together.  How cute is this?  They actually even offer date nights, too!  What’s more adorable than getting creative with your honey? For more information, click here.
4.) Sailing. When you think of sailing off into the sunset, you think of peace and love.  Why not treat your sugar to a relaxing adventure and take to the salty seas?  Click here to learn more.

5.) Take them Glamping for the ultimate adventure. Just off the beaten path near North Myrtle Beach, River Island Adventures allows you to escape the noise.  Their Glamping tents allow you some time with nature without having to rough it.  For more, click here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!