Touch Medspa offers Coolsculpting to freeze away stubborn fat

If you're tired of stubborn fat that just won't disappear with diet and exercise, Touch MedSpa Coolsculpting might be for you!

We all have those stubborn areas.  You know, the extra pounds we just can’t seem to shed no matter how much diet and exercise we do.  Touch MedSpa in North Myrtle Beach offers CoolSculpting for those hard to tame areas.  We got the skinny on how it will get you summer ready just in time for the season!

In addition to CoolSculpting, Touch MedSpa offers a wide array of services including injectibles, massage therapy, chiropractic care, skin services, and more!  We loved sitting down with Touch MedSpa owner, Jessica Bell.  We had to hear what CoolSculpting was all about and what sets Touch MedSpa apart.

“Not only do you get a tranquil and beautiful atmosphere but, we have a whole team that is dedicated to CoolSculpting.  From a CoolSculpting specialist, to a staff of nurses that will get you treated and help you through the journey.  Also, we have our guarantee and a system in place to help you with your journey from start to finish.  We can’t leave out our dual sculpting opportunity.  We can make your treatment fast and easy by nearly cutting your treatment times in half using 2 machines instead of one,” said Bell.

Bell goes on to say that CoolSculpting is such a simple process and comfortable for the patient.  They feel so confident with CoolSculpting that they are now even offering a guarantee.

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