This company builds hurricane resistant homes and they’re beautiful

What is a hurricane resistant home? Find out. Your home can be strong and beautiful, too!

When you think of hurricane resistant homes, dome shaped concrete might come to mind.  The Carrell Group specializes in hurricane resistant and fortified homes.  The beauty of it all?  You would never even know it was any different than the other homes in the neighborhood.  Not only are their homes absolutely stunning, they’re strong too.

We caught up with company president Bruce Carrell on what it means for your home to be hurricane resistant and how it all happens.  As we all know, the key to hurricane preparedness is being ready well before the storm comes.  If you’re thinking about building, you’ll definitely want to check out your options in the way of making your home stronger.  Being near the South Carolina coast means we’re faced with hurricanes and strong storms.  Carrell says having your home built stronger means you can focus on just getting out of town instead of worrying about bracing your home.  As a matter of fact, he has a fortified home himself and says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Carrell Group has been building homes along throughout the North and South Carolina coast for over 32 years.  Come along with us and see why so many people are choosing hurricane resistant.