There’s an actual salt cave in Myrtle Beach: The Salt Escape

The Salt Escape features an actual salt cave with over 12,000 pounds of Pink Himalayan Salt!

The Salt Escape, located in the Carolina Forest area of Myrtle Beach, features an actual salt cave, an oxygen bar, teeth whitening, massage therapy, a wellness pod, and more.  It’s THE place for relaxation and will get you well on your way to being a better you.  We were beyond excited to try all the things!

Owners Carmine and Monica Montalbano are apart of the local community and really wanted to bring something that was unique, beneficial, and affordable to the Myrtle Beach area.  Since their opening nearly two months ago, they’ve been extremely busy and say guest feedback has been excellent!

The salt cave offers Halotherapy.  Being surrounded by over 12,000 pounds of Pink Himalayan salt, in addition to the Halotherapy is beneficial for issues like respiratory problems, anxiety, skin conditions like eczema, and more.  Kick back in a zero gravity lounger for the ultimate form of relaxation.  Low ambient lighting and soft music fill the room as the halo-generator grinds and blows in pharmaceutical grade salt that is welcome relief to the lungs and sinuses. The dry salt provides relief from respiratory ailments by helping to shrink swollen membranes, aiding in easier breathing. Each session is 45 minutes long and will only set you back $25.  At The Salt Escape you even have an opportunity to participate in yoga inside the salt cave on Thursdays and Saturdays for $10 a class.

Some of the other options include an oxygen bar ($10 per session), great for energy and even headaches and hangovers.  The wellness pod, burns calories without sweating and good for inflammation and pain management.  Massage therapy in a salt room, including Halotherapy for breathing, and options with CBD products.  CBD products, teeth whitening, and more!

You can take advantage of their monthly package including unlimited visits for $79 (this does not include yoga and massage therapy).

Stop in today and see what it’s all about!