The American Heritage Festival

“I didn’t want to lose the history.” Paul Graham, Festival Director of the American Heritage Festival in Lake City said after he inherited his family’s farm.  “My grandfather was born in Lake city but after World War I, he moved to Detroit. His brother took over his half of the farm and that side of the family has since died out.”  Graham found family wills dating back to the 1700’s in the attic.  That moved him to learn more about his family history and their role in the American Revolution.

What he learned inspired him to start the American Heritage Festival.  This year, the 4th annual American Heritage Festival will be held February 2nd & 3rd.

“You feel like you went back in time,” Paul Graham said of the experience of walking around the Graham Historic Farm. Battle re-enactment, cannon demonstrations, drill and musket firing displays, plus British and Continental encampments will transport you back to a time when “The Swamp Fox” Francis Marion befuddled the British and “The Butcher” British Colonel, Banastre Tareton to help America win our independence.

Sure the craic will be 90!  When the Steel City Rovers blend Celtic and North American musical traditions all weekend long in the party tent.

The American Heritage Festival is a living history showcase featuring historical speakers, John Antal and Charles Baxley, re-enactments and the 18th Century Colonial Village. The festival is being held on Graham’s historic farm 843 McCutcheon Rd. Lake City, SC.  Click here for more information.