Sea Captain’s House will be offering a new dessert made by culinary students starting on Valentine’s Day

Support local culinary students in the sweetest possible way!

Sea Captain’s House, located right on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, is known for tradition and good food.  They’re also very passionate about supporting local culinary students.  This year, they’ve partnered with the International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach to help them represent the state of South Carolina in competition.  One of the ways students will raise money? They’ll sell a delicious dessert for Sea Captain’s House to feature on their menu.  You’ll be able to enjoy this delicious treat starting on Valentine’s Day.  Sweet, right?

Alydia Lamb, a culinary graduate and current student, actually came up with the dish you’ll get to treat yourself to.  Lamb says they wanted something tropical.  That makes plenty of sense seeing as how you’ll be able to enjoy it with unmatched views of the ocean.  The dessert is a mango mousse with cream cheese topping, and a pink guava sauce.  We couldn’t resist and had to taste test it for ourselves.  Boy, is it refreshing and delicious!

You can check out their Valentine’s Day specials here. We’re sure you’ll fall in love just like we did.

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