This haunted attraction in Myrtle Beach has been frightening people year round for nearly 20 years

Ripley's Haunted Adventure in Myrtle Beach is constantly offering something new and different. Check out Ripley's Haunted Adventure Lazer Strike.

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure located on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach always has something new and creepy to offer.  During the day, the haunted attraction is overrun with zombies.  You’ll be equipped with a lazer gun and your job is to get through, find a vaccine, and save humanity while taking down as many zombies as you can along the way.  Although the day time attraction is more kid friendly since you’ll have a guide, it’s not for the faint of heart.  Our screams were real!

By night, the house is transformed into a slaughter house.  This year marks 19 years the haunted attraction has been making people scream in Myrtle Beach.

We loved catching up with our friends there and trying to brave our way through the Haunted Lazer Strike.  Come along with us and see if you’re brave enough to visit yourself.

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