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Pi Anyone? Bojangles’ is Selling Sweet Potato Pie for National Pi Day!


Celebrate National Pi Day with Bojangles’!

The restaurant will be selling sweet potato pie on March 14th.  You can get 3 pies for $3.14 on 3/14.  You can’t beat that!

Not all pies are round, as a matter of fact, these pies are rectangular-shaped, oven-baked, hand-held deliciousness! Each pie is crisp with a decadent sweet potato puree filling. The pies are baked to a golden-brown color and then brushed with a delectable cinnamon butter before serving… YUM!

Also, join Bojangles’ on Twitter as they ask mathematical questions leading up to the holiday that could land you a Bojangles’ gift card! These questions were developed by teachers in South Carolina that are partnered with South Carolina Future Minds.

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