You can get a pair of pet slippers that look exactly like your furry friend

Let’s face it, our pets are another member of the family.  If you can’t get enough of your fur baby, you can now get pet slippers that look exactly like them.  If you ask us, this is a pretty doggone good way to keep your feet warm.

pet slippers

Cuddle Clones offers slippers that are “handmade to look just like your pet.”  They even go on to say if you aren’t 100% satisfied with how close it is, you can get your money back.  Based on reviews from IG users, they don’t disappoint.


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Cody and Jack say…coolest Christmas present ever! Thanks Sydni!! #cuddleclones #bordercollie @cuddleclones

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Plus, if cuddling with your pet isn’t enough, you can also get a stuffed animal that looks just like them.

Price wise, neither is exactly cheap.  The customized slippers will set you back around $199.  If you opt for the “plush clone,” it’s around $249.  The company offers other items as well to look exactly like your pet.  You can find everything from purses to coasters. *wags tail*

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