This oceanfront restaurant can go through hundreds of pineapples a day during the summer

Moe Moons in Myrtle Beach has way more to offer than just oceanfront views!

Moe Moons on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach not only offers some of the most amazing views, people come from all over to enjoy their Taco Bang and frozen pineapple drinks.  We were so excited to stop in and give these popular items a try!

General Manager Jan Hemelrick shared how they’re made and says even when it’s cold out, people can’t resist ordering a drink in one of their frozen pineapples.  They make so many of their dishes in house and even core their own pineapples.  During the summer months, they go through between 100-300 pineapples a day!  So what do they do with all of that pineapple?  Well, they incorporate a lot of it into some of their menu items, including homemade pineapple salsa.  Yum!  Pair it with homemade shrimp tacos topped with fresh, crisp slaw and you’ll be one happy camper!

Who can resist holding a pineapple, sipping a drink, and enjoying oceanfront views?  Check it out for yourself.

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