Meet the only High School racing principal and his crew full of students

This group takes hands on learning to a whole new speed!

PALM Charter High School in Conway, South Carolina is the first and only motorsports high school in the nation.  In an effort to learn with his students, Principal Avery Moore has taken up the sport of racing.  His crew?  The students, of course.  The Myrtle Beach Speedway serves as another classroom where students get to experience hands on learning.  Plus, the race cars themselves are actually built by the students as well.  Every time there’s a race at Myrtle Beach Speedway, you can expect to see PALM Charter High School there with multiple cars, drivers, and a crew full of students.

While the high school offers traditional programs, and children get a high school diploma, there’s something special that sets them apart.  Vocational courses are centered around motorsports.  They’ll learn to weld, take design classes, and even build cars and go karts.

The school can accept up to 200 students.  If you’re interested in learning more, Moore says you should set up a tour with the school to discover if this is the place for your child.

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