Legend says the ‘Lucas Bay Light’ is the ghost of a Civil War era mother searching for her lost child.

Lucas Bay Light
Gilbert Road, Conway, South Carolina

Hurricane Florence spawned historic flooding in Horry County.  But if local lore is to be believed, it was another flood that produced one of Horry County’s most enduring ghost stories, the “Lucas Bay Light.”

On certain nights, along Gilbert Road near Bucksport, witnesses say they’ve seen a strange light and even heard the distinct sound of a baby crying.  Legend has it that a young Civil War era mother lost her child in a flash flood in this area.  Her tortured soul is searching for her baby by lantern light for all time.

This area is very high on the creepy meter, but is it haunted by a ghostly mother desperately combing the swamps for her lost child?  That is for those that experience the “Lucas Bay Light” for themselves to decide.