This Low Country Boil is one of a kind

Mr. Fish always keeps things uniquely delicious. Plus, we'll learn how to tell how fresh your shrimp is!

A low country boil is a favorite dish in any coastal community.  The folks at Mr. Fish in Myrtle Beach like to “keep things interesting.”  This dish is incredibly delicious and unlike any you’ve ever tasted.  See what sets it apart.

They also like to keep it local.  Owner Ted Hammerman says the only thing not local is the Alaskan Snow Crab.  He even gives us a lesson on how to tell how fresh your shrimp is and says the heads are packed with flavor.

Come along with us and see what makes this low country boil extra delicious.

Visiting Mr. Fish is an all around fun experience.  You can visit the laid back seafood market and pick your own seafood to take with you, or have it prepared and dine in.  Just next door is a full service restaurant featuring delicious seafood and even sushi.

If you’re in need of a driver, they’ll even come pick you up in the famous Fish Mobile.  Just make sure you have a party of 6 or more.

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