You’ll find unique clothes for any occasion at the Ladies Boutiques in Downtown Florence

If you love to shop, you've gotta' visit the Ladies Boutiques in Downtown Florence!

When it comes to Ladies Boutiques in Downtown Florence, you’ll find a little bit of everything!  From casual, everyday wear, to designer clothes straight from the runway.  We visited some favorites like Mainstream Boutique, Ella’s Boutique, Mosaic, and MiLadies.

If you’re looking for that everyday wear and great accessories, you’ve got to stop into Mainstream Boutique and MiLadies.  Downtown Development Coordinator, Hannah Davis even gave us some insider tips, watch and find out what they are!  At Ella’s Boutique, people come from all over for church attire including amazing hats.  Plus, Mosiac features designer clothes you won’t find anywhere else.

Come along with us and take your closet up a notch!

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