Junior SOS in North Myrtle Beach celebrates ‘the shag’ and helps keep the traditional dance alive

Each year, Junior SOS in North Myrtle Beach brings children from all over to learn more about the shag!

Junior SOS in North Myrtle Beach has been helping kids continue the shagging tradition for 28 years.  We all know North Myrtle Beach is known as the home of the shag dance.  Heck, they even have it on their water tower.  We headed to Ocean Drive Resort to learn more about what the event entails.

For starters, what is Junior SOS?  SOS stands for Society of Stranders.  North Myrtle Beach hosts SOS at least twice a year for adults and Junior SOS is a version of that for people under the age of 21.  Those who attend will put their dancin’ shoes on and take dance lessons from professional dancers.  They’ll also take part in fun social events, and even learn about the history of the dance.  Participants will even get to attend social dances at iconic places like Fat Harolds and the Spanish Galleon.

Come along with us and see for yourself what this event is all about!

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