Independent Republic Brewing Company introduces a new brew for summertime

If you haven’t visited Independent Republic Brewing Company at the Boathouse in Myrtle Beach, add it to your list!  Not only can your enjoy unique brew, the views are to die for!

Another thing we love about it?  You never know what they’ll be brewing up!  Their most recent brew?  Pineapple Cake.  How amazingly delicious and summery does that sound?

Source: Facebook/Boathouse

According to their Facebook page, “Brew Master Sean Taylor proudly presents Mustache Ride: Pineapple Cake! This IPA is crafted with Dbl Vanilla and massive doses of Pineapple through fermentation to yield an insanely bold flavor! Notes of sugar cookies and vanilla frosted cake layered over fresh pineapple. 6.5% ABV.  Available in 16oz pint for here OR 32 and 64 oz Growlers to go!”

Notes of sugar cookies?  Sign us up!  To learn more about Independent Republic Brewing Company, visit their Facebook page here.

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