Haunted Places you can visit in the Myrtle Beach area

If you’re looking for a good scare we’ve complied a list of local haunted places you can visit… if you’re brave enough.



1. The Gray Man – Legend says the ‘Gray Man’ appears just before a massive storm hits, to warn those who see him of the impending disaster. More information can be found HERE.

2. Alice Flagg – The story of Alice Flagg is one of a forbidden love that would never be. People say her spirit is still looking for her ring. We went into the house where Alice was born… and died. Watch it HERE.

3. Old Gunn Church – Legend has it that sometime in the early 1860’s the contractor of the project, Mr. Gunn, fell from the church roof and died. Now his spirit haunts the grounds. More info can be found HERE.

4. Lucas Bay Light – Legend says the ‘Lucas Bay Light’ is the ghost of a Civil War era mother searching for her lost child. More info HERE.

5. Brentwood Restaurant – It’s the most haunted restaurant in South Carolina.  The Brentwood Restaurant in Little River, South Carolina is recognized for a whole lot more than just fine, french cuisine. More information can be found HERE.

6. Montrose Cemetery – The legend of “Montrose” dates back to the 1950’s. Talk of this ghoul has led the cemetery to be desecrated and vandalized, which some say has made the spirits buried there restless.

7. Bingham’s Light – The tale says that in the 1800’s Bill Bingham was walking on the train tracks at night with a lantern. He got stuck in the tracks and a train was quickly approaching. He tried to signal the train to stop with his lantern but to no avail, now he haunts where the old railroad used to be, lantern and all. If you call out “Bill Bingham come out” you can still see his lantern swinging as he walks.