Gravy Candy Canes? We’re not sure if this means you’ve been naughty or nice.


If you’re from the South, one thing is for sure… gravy is most likely one of your favorite, savory sides.  We’re pretty much all in agreement that it makes everything taste better.  Or does it?  How would you feel it if ended up in your stocking this year?

Well, sort of.  This year, your candy canes could be gravy flavored.  Depending on your taste buds… it’s up to you to decide whether receiving gravy candy canes means you’re on the naughty or nice list.

The unique candy cane flavor can be purchased on Amazon or even Wal-Mart‘s website.  And that’s not the only interesting flavor you’ll find.  There’s also Bacon, Dill Pickle, and Wasabi just to name a few.

We’re not sure if we’ll jump on the gravy train this year, but it might make a pretty good gag gift.

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