Finding the perfect club at Arcadian Shores in Myrtle Beach

People come from all over to experience the golf courses in Myrtle Beach. We stopped in at Arcadian Shores to find the perfect club.

Arcadian Shores Golf Club in Myrtle Beach has been a favorite for locals and visitors alike since 1974.  Most recently, it’s gotten quite a few upgrades including a new clubhouse, new greens, new cart paths, and new irrigation.  They’ll also be offering demo days with Srixon.  We caught up them to see what demo days are all about and why they make it easier than ever to find the perfect club.

We quickly learned that it doesn’t matter your skill set, everyone was more than happy to help.  Demo days make it easy to see what each individual might need as far as clubs are concerned.  So what makes demo days so special?  Well for starters, you get to see the height and flight of the ball.  What’s more, you have professionals watching you to find the perfect recommendation.  The club even offers lessons at an extremely affordable rate.

We also love the fact that not only does Arcadian Shores offer a beautiful environment, the staff is extremely helpful and friendly, and it’s conveniently located.