Costco is Selling 7-Pound Tubs of Nutella for $22


Nutella is obviously trying to tell us “Go BIG or Go Home” with their new 7-pound tub of  delicious, chocolatey, hazelnutty goo. For $22, this massive tub of Nutella can be found exclusively in Costco stores. Costco members can also order the tub online here (it’s only $3 for shipping.. and we think that’s totally worth it).

A standard jar of Nutella has 7.7 ounces whereas the 7-pound jar has 105.6 ounces. If you follow Nutella’s suggested 2-tablespoon serving size, then the tub has 81 servings. We aren’t sure how fast we can finish this tub, but we are sure that this jar will fulfill our Nutella obsessions.

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