Over the top Christmas attire and where to find it

It's the most wonderful time of the year, it only makes sense to have the most wonderful Christmas attire!  These days, it's pretty common to celebrate the Holidays with the most over the top, festive attire you can find.  So common in fact, you can find obnoxious Holiday outfits at many popular department stores.  If part of your tradition is attending an ugly Christmas sweater party, or you just like to spread Holiday cheer, you'll want to take note of these over the top outfits and where to find them.

Source: Macys.com

This OppoSuit from Macy's

If your boss is also known as Mr. Scrooge near the Holidays and you can’t get off work, don’t let it get you down.  You can bring the Holidays to work with this super cool, festive suit.

You can find more prints at OppoSuits.com

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Source: tipsyelves.com

This Meowy Christmas Suit

How could the Holidays NOT be purrrrfect with this outfit?  You’ll definitely be the cat’s meow this Holiday season.

You can find more prints at TipsyElves.com

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Source: spencersonline.com

THIS Christmas Tree Skirt

This skirt gives a whole new meaning to the term Christmas tree skirt.

You can find this look and more by visiting Spencer’s website below.

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Source: forever21.com

Christmas Tree Dress from Forever 21

Turning yourself into a Christmas tree is always a good idea near the Holidays.

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Source: Amazon.com

The Sweater to LIGHT up your Holiday

If it actually lights up, sign us up.

You can find this sweater, along with many other hilarious designs by visiting Amazon.com below.

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