What are Chicken Bog Balls? For starters, they’re delicious. Learn to make them at the Boathouse

Chicken Bog is an Horry County tradition. We stopped in at the Boathouse and learned how to make delicious Chicken Bog Balls.

The Boathouse in Myrtle Beach is the perfect place to stop in for a cold beer and delicious bite to eat.  They’re located right on the waterway in Myrtle Beach and are well known for their summer concert series.  This year, they’re offering a new menu with rustic homemade items, using as many local ingredients as possible.

One dish they’re holding onto however, are the Chicken Bog Balls, and we can see why.  Boy, are they delicious!  Chicken Bog has been enjoyed by locals for years and years.  The Boathouse puts a unique twist on this old favorite and we couldn’t wait to see how it’s done.  Owner Misty Coan invited us back into the kitchen to learn how they’re made and even shared their secret ingredient with us.  Shhhh!  Don’t tell anyone.

You can get a peek of their new menu below!

The Boathouse also introduces Independent Republic Brewing Company this year.  They will offer so many exciting new things and give more reasons to stop in and enjoy amazing views, good food, and cold beer.

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The Boathouse will offer even more in 2019

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What exactly is Chicken Bog?