Alice Flagg’s Grave

For decades, the legend of Alice Flagg has haunted the South Carolina Coast. Many believe her grave is unmarked, while others think it reads only "Alice."

We teamed up with Cape Fear Soul Seekers of Wilmington, North Carolina to investigate Alice Flagg’s grave.

The legend of Alice Flagg is one of South Carolina’s most enduring ghost stories.  It’s a tale of young love.  The lore says Alice was forbidden from seeing a man who her family thought was beneath her.  Upon her death, a necklace with a ring around her neck was found from the man.  Legend says her brother threw it in the water, and she comes back looking for it.

After our look inside the Hermitage, the home she died in, we were curious if we’d find any activity near her grave.  According to Joe and Ann Chandler, owners of the Hermitage, Alice Flagg’s grave is unmarked at the cemetery, and the grave that reads only “Alice” is a relative.  Still, many believe if you place a ring on the grave marked “Alice” and walk around backwards 13 times, you’ll experience strange activity.

Come along with us and ghost investigator, Matt DaVita as we try it out and see what he found.

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