Take a look inside the Hermitage. It’s the birth place of the haunting legend of Alice Flagg

The legend of Alice Flagg has remained one of South Carolina's most enduring ghost stories. Take a look inside the house where she died. 

Alice Flagg died at the Hermitage in the 1800’s, but folks say she still haunts the South Carolina Coast.

Today, Joe and Ann Chandler call the Hermitage home.  The house has been passed down through generations and was originally Joe’s Grandfather’s.  While the home has been moved from its original location and remodeled, the bones of the house remain the same.  Now in his 80’s, Joe recalls stories at the home when he was just a little boy.  He and his family can remember the haunting tales of Alice Flagg, but they also share that she’s a friendly ghost.

The Chandlers gave us a tour of the home, and let us in on the ghost story that so many still believe.  Legend says the ghost of Alice Flagg haunts the South Carolina coast, searching for the ring her true love gave her.

According to the Chandlers, Alice isn’t buried where everyone thinks.  While there is a grave labeled only “Alice,” at All Saints Cemetary near Pawleys Island, they say this is an Aunt.

“She was buried in the yard of where the original home was located due to her mother being out of town,” says Joe Chandler.  “Then, later  she was reburied at Belin Cemetary in an unmarked grave.”

Keep your eyes peeled at SCWeekend.com, as we will explore the cemetery with Cape Fear Soul Seekers to check for paranormal activity.

Watch to get an inside look at the home, see Alice’s bedroom, and hear the legend for yourself.

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