This new gym will make getting fit easier than ever!

9Round Conway is more than just a gym! The hardest part is just getting through the front door.

Let’s face it, getting in better shape can feel like an uphill battle.  Year after year, many of us will find it on our New Years resolution lists.  It doesn’t have to end up on that same list every year.  This can be your year with 9Round Conway!  So what makes it so different you might ask?  Classes are only 30 minutes long and include personal trainers so you know you’re getting the most out of your time.

We were so excited to learn there was a new 9Round Conway, conveniently located on 501, across from CCU.  Each workout offers 9 rounds of something different, and works your entire body so you’re not just losing weight, you’re shaping up.  It takes the guess work out of working out.  All you have to do is lace up your tennis shoes and walk through the door.

We had to see if we could hang and loved the fact that our heart rate was being monitored the entire time, so our personal trainer could cater the workout to us.  Owners Chad and Jill Strawn own another 9Round in Florence, South Carolina, and say they fell in love with it so much, they wanted to bring the same opportunity to Conway as well.

“We’re about creating relationships with people and helping them achieve their fitness goals, whatever that may be,” Chad said.

What’s more, we loved the fact that it was easy to stay motivated throughout the entire workout.  With each round being completely different and only 3 minutes long, you never get bored.  Plus, 30 minutes is something you can easily squeeze into any schedule, especially since there are no class times and you can come whenever you want!

The first workout is always free so you can give it a try before you join.  What are you waiting for?  Getting more fit is always a step in the right direction.  Give them a call or stop in today!  You’ll be well on your way to making those goals to drop a few pounds and be healthier you a reality this year.

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