Costco sells a 27-pound Mac and Cheese Bucket

I mean, you can never have too much Mac and Cheese, right?  At least according to Costco.  They actually sell a 27-pound Mac and Cheese Bucket that packs 180 servings with a 20 year shelf life.

27-pound Mac and Cheese Bucket

That’s right.  You can find it under Emergency Kits & Supplies on their website.  It’s recently become so popular, the bucket is temporarily sold out.

So what has people itching to get their hands on one?  We can only imagine it’s the opportunity at limitless cheesy goodness.  The large and in charge bucket will set you back $89.99, which works out to about .50 per serving.  Don’t worry, it’s not just a large bucket of already made Mac & Cheese.  According to Costco’s website, “The Cheese and Pasta are packaged in separate bulk Metalite™ pouches with oxygen absorbers, to protect the quality and ensure a long shelf life.”

If you can’t wait until it’s back in stock, you can find it on Amazon for around $130.

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